Renovation of Nationaltheatret

Nationaltheatret is one of the most important cultural buildings we have in Norway, an institution with a more than 120-year history. Located in the middle of the busiest area of the capital, the venerable building has felt the test of time. The theatre currently has a great need for restoration in order to regain its original grandeur. Since the theatre opened in 1899, the way theatre is produced has changed a lot. Changes and upgrades are now vital in order for Nationaltheatret to function as a modern theatre.










Project group coordinator, architect

Statsbygg has been commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Equality to prepare a preliminary project for the renovation of Nationaltheatret. On 30 November 2020, the preliminary project was submitted by the project group consisting of Sweco, Ratio arkitekter, FuthArk arkitekter and Origo Arkitektgruppe, with Veidekke as collaborating contractor. The project included total renovation and upgrade of the entire structural and technical facilities at Nationaltheatret, and full restoration of historical areas. The amphitheatre with supporting areas as well as technical facilities are placed in a new building under the vestibule, including a new entrance pavilion with goods reception at ground level.
The group submitted a revised preliminary project in the autumn of 2021.

The project aims at cultivating the functions of Nationaltheatret and facilitate modern theatre activities in harmony with the building's own requirements. Non-stage-critical functions are assumed to be located outside the main building. The public areas are given universal design and several communication arenas, while stage areas are considerably upgraded with regard to logistics and technical facilities. Emphasis is placed on the audience meeting "their theatre" without being disturbed by the upgrade, and the elegant, venerable architecture of the theatre is accentuated.

Contact person

Marianne Dale

Sivilarkitekt MNAL

+47 41 59 59 46

Nationaltheatret Ratio Hovedinngang FENIX BRICK
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