Renovation of Kommunenes Hus

Remodelling and adding to a unique, listed 1950s building in Vika, a central conference centre in Oslo and the current headquarters of Kommunenes interesseorganisasjon KS. The building has been given open facades on the street level, easier accessibility, and has met the need for stronger profiling of the business. The project was nominated for the Oslo City Architecture Award and the Government Architecture Award in 2015.


Kommunenes Hus AS






2008 – 2013


Approx. 7,000 m2 remodelling and newbuilds


Course and conference centre, offices


Responsible projecting ARK, interior designer, responsible SØK

Kommunenes Hus is part of the new Vika of postwar Oslo. The building was completed in 1957, and was designed by F. S. Platou Arkitekter. The exterior is characterised by facades in exposed concrete and blue mosaic. Two large mosaic murals are made by artist Alf Rolfsen. The property is listed as a good example of Norwegian structuralism.

The developer wanted a stronger physical profiling of the business against the urban surroundings. Lowering the lobby area and the main entrance to street level provides accessibility and a stronger profiling against the city. Increased inflow of daylight from streets and courtyards was an important key to presenting the building as a modern course and conference centre, as well as a revitalised workplace with an improved standard for visitors and employees.

There was a close dialogue with the Urban Conservation Office throughout the process. Changes were made to the facades on street level, incorporation of the former gas station towards Munkedamsveien and a new annex with remodelling og the existing roofs.


Karin Hagen

Sivilarkitekt MNAL, Partner

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Linge Grindheim

Interiørarkitekt MNIL

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