Renovation of Grieghallen

Grieghallen was completed in 1978, designed by Danish architect Knud Munch. The building underwent extensive structural and stage technical renovations from 2013 to 2015, with repairs to damaged facades as well as remodelling, interior repairs and upgrades og the two halls, public areas and conference areas, among other things.


Grieghallen AS






2013 – 2015


25,000 m2


Concert hall


Architect, interior designer and responsible applicant

Grieghallen presents itself as one of the most iconic monumental buildings in Bergen, and is considered one of the foremost examples of Norwegian brutalist architecture from the 1970s. In 2015, the building and the architect were awarded the Houen's Foundation diploma for good architecture.

After 35 years of operation from its completion in 1978, the building showed signs of some wear and tear on facades as well as in furnishings. The planning of changes and repairs was done with respect for the building's architecture and in close dialogue with the county conservation officer. Emphasis was placed on careful intervention and restoring original qualities in the architecture hidden behind remodelling throughout the building's lifetime.

The grand hall of the building, Griegsalen, was upgraded with new seats and a different layout in the amphitheatre, acoustic improvements as well as technical and structural upgrades of the orchestra pit with a stage lift and mixing board.

The second stage of the building, Per Gynt-salen, underwent an extensive remodelling with arrangements for a new electronic acoustic system.

Lobby areas, public restrooms, conference areas with circulation areas and conference rooms underwent remodelling and upgrades. The stage entrance with reception was upgraded and enlarged, with a new location in the building simplifying logistics in the backstage areas. New lighting was planned in collaboration with a lighting designer.

Outside, new lighting was planned as well as repairs to damage to facades and ceilings.

Contact person

Per Christian Brynildsen

Sivilarkitekt MNAL, Partner

+47 92 20 95 11

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