Stavanger Concert Hall

The new Stavanger Concert Hall is located on the quayside by the city harbour basin. The building consists of two volumes, one light and open in glass, and one heavy and closed in concrete. The two volumes provide identity to the two complementary halls of the building.


Nytt konserthus i Stavanger IKS






2007 – 2012


Approx. 13 800 m² BTA


Concert hall


Project group management, architect, interior designer, responsible projecting ARK, responsible applicant

By rebuilding the terrain in the "Sandvigå" bay, a large outdoor amphitheatre was constructed with underground parking. The main direction of the concert hall was placed towards the sea, with reference to old sea house typology, and we preserved the view towards the active harbour in the east with the city islands and Ryfylkeheiene in the background. Thus, the south wall of the concert hall also forms a protective wall for the vestibule and the outdoor amphitheatre.

The programme asked for two halls with approximately the same volume, but with complementary content: one hall specialised for natural acoustics, with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra in mind, and one hall for varied use, especially electronically amplified music such as rock and jazz, but also musical theatre and dance, as well as conventions and banquets. The halls were placed in each building body: the acoustic one is imagined as a delicate instrument in a protective concrete case, and the multipurpose hall as a robust box in a glass prism.

The heavy, closed building volume contains practice rooms and cloakrooms for performers, as well as offices and meeting rooms for the administration, and forms the back of the lobby area. The glass prism is a large, open volume with audience functions such as a lobby, ticket sales, shop, restaurant and bars, with a view of the surroundings. The orchestra hall is shaped as an open "cavity" in the closed volume, in contrast with the multipurpose hall, which is a closed "box" in the open volume. The hall is dedicated and specialised for acoustically performed music, modelled after the prominent concert halls in Europe.

Contact person

Marianne Dale

Sivilarkitekt MNAL

+47 41 59 59 46

Mezzanine and bar JH
Concert hall landscape
Birds eye view JI
3/8 Photo: Jon Ingemundsen
Entance at night JH
4/8 Photo: Jiri Havran
Concert Hall Stavanger 27
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View from harbour basin JH
Red concrete facade JH
Photo: Jiri Havran
View from lobby JH
Photo: Jiri Havran
Multi purpose hall SA