Passive House, Skøyen

The detached house at Skøyen is the first passive house in Oslo in accordance with the passive house standard, with a planned energy requirement of 25% what normal houses require. The house is built in solid wood, a so-called "massive-passive" concept. The project received support from Innovation Norway as a pilot and showcase project. The project was nominated for the Oslo City Architecture Award in 2010.


Annette Dahl and Stein Stoknes






230 m² BTA, heated area 186 m²


Detached house with rental section


Responsible projecting ARK, responsible applicant


Passive house standard NS3700

The goal of the project was to develop a holistic energy and climate effective housing concept based on solid wood. From having worked with a foreign concept of import of solid wood, the project was developed with Norwegian suppliers and realised in collaboration with Sintef Byggforsk in accordance with the new Norwegian passive house standard.

When designing the building, the emphasis has been on a modern expression and adaptation to the existing building environment. The design is also partially given by conditions for energy-efficient solutions.

The "massive-passive" concept is presented as a real alternative to passive houses based on other construction methods. Solutions are selected to reduce the energy requirements of the house to a minimum, such as: additional insulation, reduction of cold bridges, window placement in relation to directions, the use of vacuum sunlight collectors, energy effective lighting and an advanced energy management system. Balanced ventilation, heat exchanger and heat pumps are to help utilize added energy to a maximum.

Afterwards, the developer gave very positive feedback on a good, comfortable indoor climate in all parts of the house.

Photo: Jiri Havran, Harald Brekke

Contact person

Karin Hagen

Sivilarkitekt MNAL, Partner

+47 92 81 47 80

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Photo: Harald Brekke