The Life Sciences Building

The life sciences building at Gaustad will be the largest university building in Norway, and will contain research and teaching areas. The building is to connect the university's natural science academic community in chemistry and pharmacy with a considerable focus on life sciences, where the Clinic for Laboratory Medicine (KLM) of Oslo University Hospital will be a vital element.


Statsbygg on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research






2014 – 2026


97 000 m² BTA


Teaching and research building


Project group management, architect, interior designer, responsible applicant, responsibility for greenhouse gas accounting


BREEAM-Excellent, reduction of greenhouse gases by 50% for materials, energy and transport compared to a standard building in the same category

The building consists of a four-story elongated building, divided vertically into a two-storey building body, "the base", raised above an open double-height space, "the common", at ground level, and two building volumes, "towers", on top of the building. This juxtaposition of volumes refers to the modernistic building of the Blindern plateau; disposition of areas in the towers makes it possible to keep most of the building stock low, ensuring contact between Gaustad and the fjord, while framing the view in an airy composition.

Offices and laboratories are located at levels 3 and 4 and in the towers above a common area with entrance, learning centre, cafeteria and cafe. An internal common has also been established on levels 3 and 4, providing the opportunity for informal meetings and breaks on the way between laboratory workspace and office.

The building is planned based on a convergence principle which is to facilitate collaboration across disciplines and promote the exchange of information between various communities. The new building will have a central and strategic location in relation to the most important partners of the University of Oslo, other research institutions and the business community, as the first new building in Oslo Science City. In order to facilitate collaboration, the facility will have areas for innovation and explorative development.

The building is planned for BREEAM Excellent certification. There has been a major focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the use of low-carbon concrete, a solar park on the roof and natural dissipation of surface water. Overall goals for the project are "near-zero energy", which is defined as a 70% improvement against TEK10 – net delivered to the building. Greenhouse gases are to be reduced by at least 50% compared to reference buildings by using climate and environmentally friendly building materials. Ratio has been responsible for greenhouse gas accounting throughout the design and execution phase. The location of the building is based on analyses of local climatic conditions (light, air, noise, park/stream, transport, etc.), as well as the consideration of stormwater and urban ecology. Generality, flexibility and elasticity are optimized and secure future space requirements in a space-efficient building. The efficient design helps reduce energy and material consumption.

Ratio has had the roles of Responsible for the assignment, PGL, ARK, IARK, SØK, and Responsible for greenhouse gases, since we won the 1st prize in the limited planning and design competition in 2014 together with Cubo arkitekter. We have implemented the draft project, preliminary project, detail project together with the property developer with construction start in 2019, until signing execution contracts in October 2022. Starting October 2022, Ratio has had the role of Responsible applicant and Builder's advisor.

Contact person

Solveig Strand

Sivilarkitekt MNAL

+47 97 51 68 90

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