St. Olav's Hospital, Movement Centre

The movement centre is part of the new St. Olav's Hospital, Trondheim, a centre-based and quarterly district on the island. The medical specialties of the movement centre are medical and surgical treatment in orthopaedics, rheumatology and plastic surgery.


Helsebygg Midt-Norge






2003 – 2009


16 000 m² BTA


University Hospital



St. Olav's Hospital was a unique university hospital when it was completed in 2014. It is the only university hospital separated into a clear quarter structure adapted to the urban landscape. The centres are connected by culverts under the terrain and by bridges on the 1st floor, containing treatment areas, and on the 2nd floor, containing research areas. This has made it possible to connect large common areas across centres.

The movement centre follows the principle for the general centres: outpatient clinic, lobby, cafeteria, sampling, circulation area and treatment pool on the ground floor. Operating rooms on the 1st floor connected by bridge to the woman and child centre, the emergency heart-lung centre and the 1902 building. NTNU area on the 2nd floor and inpatient wards on the 3rd and 4th floor

The centre consists og two wings with six floors and one wing with three floors. The building forms a generous courtyard together with the 1902 building. The lobby, circulation area and treatment pool on the ground floor are open towards the inner courtyard, which is part of the therapeutic services of the centre. The courtyard is to work as an attractive recreational area for patients and employees. The movement centre is constructed in brick and wood, adapted to surrounding buildings. Brick is mainly used towards streets, and wood in the main material towards an inner courtyard. Green terraces are accessible to patients, their families, and employees.

The use of natural materials, colours and artistic ornamentation are holistically used in order to create navigability and light, friendly premises for all users of the centre.

Contact person

Marianne Dale

Sivilarkitekt MNAL

+47 41 59 59 46

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St Olavs Hospital
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