St. Olav's Hospital, The Woman and Children’s Centre

The woman and children’s centre is part of the first building stage of the new St. Olav's Hospital in Trondheim, as part of the hospital's urban quarter structure. The centre contains clinical functions in gynaecology, obstetrics and maternity, paediatrics, paediatric surgery and outpatient care in child and adolescent psychiatry. All children up to and including the age of 15 are received here. The centre has national functions for foetal medicine and neonatology, as well as a unit for the examination and treatment of infertility. There are also medical functions such as x-ray, surgery, sampling, anaesthesia, intensive care, emergency ward, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. General service functions, school for children in long-time care and research and teaching functions for NTNU are added.


Helsebygg Midt-Norge






1999 – 2005


31 000 m² BTA


University Hospital


Professional project management, architect, interior designer

The woman and children’s centre is located on the east side of the square along Olav Kyrres gate, which forms the main axis and the central square in the hospital area. The centre is connected by bridge to the neuro centre in the north, the laboratory centre in the south and the movement centre in the west.

The use of brick in the outdoor facades of the quarter ties the centre to the hospital area, where each quarter is part of a holistic facility. The uniqueness of the centre is expressed through volume construction and dimensioning, and this helps provide variation and diversity to the new district.

With large, square openings in the upper floors, the brick facades are given a light and open expression which is to be inviting to both children and adults. The glass is drawn far out into the facade in order to further emphasise lightness. The facades towards the inner courtyard consist of steel and glass, giving surfaces that reflect the light into the courtyard, and wood, giving warmth to the environment. The courtyard works as an attractive recreational area for patients and employees, and it is part of the therapeutic services of the centre. At level 1 the traffic areas of the building are open towards the inner courtyard, the same applies to the school areas. It has been an important guideline for the project that the building is to have a calmness and dignity adapted to the situation of the adult patients at an overall level, while the environment is to contain dynamics and colours adapted to the children's need for experiences and short connections.

In patient rooms and areas where mainly nursing and care take place, the hospital's technical characteristics are reduced to a minimum with the help of integrated furnishing solutions. Each bed area is executed within an easily recognisable colour range, and corridors are designed with varied width, rhythm, colours and lighting. Specific walls are kept free of technical installations in order to make room for artistic ornamentation also within patient areas. Generous light entry in corridors and common areas that can be used as occupied zones, has been emphasised. This has resulted in good utilization of the area, while an increased feeling of spaciousness and openness makes the building more easy to navigate.

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