Ersta New Hospital

Ersta New Hospital is located on a narrow plot between the existing Ersta Hospital and Folkungagatan at Södermalm in Stockholm. The project has solved the hospital's entire programme on the new plot, while preserving the Sjuksköterskehemmet building (the nurses' residence) from the 1930s, which is worthy of preservation.


Ersta Diakoni, Stockholm






2014 – 2017


32,000 m² newbuilds





Ersta Hospital is a private hospital run by Ersta Diakoni. It receives its patients through the public health system in Stockholm. The new hospital is to take over all somatic functions, except the hospice, from the existing hospital, and production is to be significantly increased.

Based on the existing topography and buildings in the local area, Ratio Arkitekter has designed a new building for Ersta New Hospital in collaboration with Nyrèns Arkitektkontor. The building, which is placed in an urban environment, has an open and welcoming entrance towards Folkungagatan. An intimate glass street leads into the building through a new entrance from Folkungagatan. The entrance leads up to the courtyard two levels up and connects to the original hospital and Ersta's roots.

The existing nurses' residence has been preserved and will be remodelled for external rental functions on the ground floor and hospital offices on the higher floors.

Together with Nyrèns, Ratio worked on the project up until the building permit application. In 2017, Tengbom Arkitekter took over the task of leading and executing the project – further developing the function and design of the new hospital.

Contact person

Michael Geyer

Sivilarkitekt MNAL

+47 41 01 86 29

1/3 From Folkungagatan
Erstagatan mot söder
2/3 Erstagatan to the south
Lilla Erstagatan
3/3 From Lilla Erstagatan
Hovedsnitt gjennom entrehall
Principal plane through entrance hall
F0004 N9 medium