The Cultural Square in Lindesnes

The culture square is located at Vigeland in Lindesnes Municipality – connected with the existing town hall – and contains a museum, a library, a museum, a cafeteria, the Gustav Vigeland Gallery as well as the municipal service square.


Lindesnes Municipality


Vigeland, Lindesnes




2006 – 2009


1 700 m² BTA


Museum, library, service square


Project group management, architect, interior designer, responsible applicant, SHA-KP


Sunlight collectors, environmentally friendly use of materials; materials with low emissions

The culture square is located at Vigeland in Lindesnes Municipality, and it contains a village museum, a library, a service square and a cafeteria. The village museum also contains an exhibition of the graphic art of Gustav Vigeland, on loan from the Vigeland museum in Oslo. The building is approx. 1,700 m2 BTA including the basement. The project also includes development of the surrounding park area, with a market square and a covered outdoor stage, among other things.

A private donation covering nearly half the project costs made it possible for Lindesnes Municipality to realise the culture square. The new building is connected with the existing, former town hall of Vigeland, and contains a library, a village museum and a municipal service square. Ratio won the limited planning and design competition in 2006. The building opened in 2009.

The building volumes express the three main functions. The library and service square give a light and open impression, with facades in aluminium profiles and glass; solid panels are clad with enamelled glass in reddish colours. The museum is designed as a mysterious, closed space, externally clad with ferric sulphate-treated aspen. Varying panel dimensions create a playful facade. The aspen is a significant feature of the local vegetation, and historically it has been used as exterior wall cladding, especially on outbuildings and wharfside sheds. Over time the aspen has gained a nice silver-grey colour.

The library is at ground level, while wandering through the exhibits of the museum takes place over three levels. Openings in the covers both externally and internally create spatial surprises.

The building is equipped with sunlight collectors, which is the building's main source of heating together with an air/water heat pump. The project received model support from Enova.

The artistic ornamentation is an integrated treatment of the gable wall by artist Jorunn Sannes.

Contact person

Sverre Svendsen

Sivilarkitekt MNAL, Partner

+47 48 27 69 08

Kulturtorget Vigeland 17 JH Ratio
Kulturtorget Vigeland 23 JH Ratio
Kulturtorvet Speilet JS 12 JH Ratio
Kulturtorget Vigeland 01 JH Ratio
Kulturtorget Vigeland 56 JH Ratio

The building contains two main functions – library and museum, placed in separate building volumes. The library is a simple glass prism on the ground level, and the museum is a closed volume – protecting its objects like a reliquary.

The visit to the museum took me on a vertical, circular walk - through thematic exhibits on the upper level through a lofty exhibition room down to the open storehouse below ground.

Kulturtorvet Konsept Ratio
Kulturtorvet Skisse plan2 Ratio
Kulturtorvet 07 JH Ratio
The open storehouse is located below ground
Foto: Jiri Havran

The museum stairs over three levels are made of welded steel sheets made rusty with saltwater and then oiled with owatrol. The steel sheets in the stairwell carry the stairs and have recesses for display cases.

Kulturtorvet Rendering trappemonter Ratio
Kulturtorvet 01 Ratio
Kulturtorvet Skisse vertikalrom Ratio

The artistic ornamentation, which is an integrated treatment of the gable wall, is made by Jorunn Sannes. The cladding is broken up, and a coloured pattern emerges. The colours are mounted on the back of the wooden cladding and are reflected in a mirror covering the entire gable wall.

Kulturtorvet Skisse Jorunn Sannes Ratio
Sktech Jorunn Sannes
Kulturtorvet Speilet JS 09 JH Ratio
Kulturtorvet Kledning fersk Ratio
Fresh cladding
Kulturtorget Vigeland 10 JH Ratio
Greyed cladding
Kulturtorget Vigeland 14 JH Ratio
Kulturtorvet Modellstudie kledning Ratio
Model study of cladding
Kulturtorvet Detalj yttervegg Ratio
Kulturtorget Vigeland 12 JH Ratio
Kulturtorget Vigeland 19 JH Ratio
The building offers rooms and openings crosswise and lengthwise.
Kulturtorvet Limtre byggeplass Ratio
The roof over the library is supported by laminated wooden trusses and laminated wooden columns.
Kulturtorget Vigeland 47 JH Ratio