The SEOPP House Bergen

The upgrade of the 1970s house at Hjellestad outside Bergen is a pilot of the research project SEOPP – systematic energy upgrade of small houses under the auspices of Sintef. The research project dealt with improved energy efficiency in standard houses from 1960–1990. The detached house at Hjellestad shows solutions approximating today's energy requirements for new buildings with greater comfort and new living qualities.








2012 – 2017


251 m²


Detached house


Responsible projecting ARK, responsible applicant SØK

The house is a typical prefabricated house from 1975 upgraded to Enova level 2 corresponding to low energy level, somewhat better than the current requirements. A house with a cold basement was to be given new solutions in order to minimize energy requirements and increase comfort, and the client wanted to rearrange the programme for the residence for the family of five. There was a desire for increased living space on the main floor and better utilisation of the basement.

The building has achieved a comfortable, stable, good indoor climate throughout the residence, and much lower energy consumption.

Contact person

Karin Hagen

Sivilarkitekt MNAL, Partner

+47 92 81 47 80

Villa Bergen 02
1/3 Foto: Jiri Havran
Villa Bergen 37
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3/3 Photo: Jiri Havran
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